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Shanghai – East or West?

Shanghai is a unique city unlike any other place in the world, where all world cultures and traditions mix with international investments and businesses. Sometimes it is mistakenly called Chinese city or representative of Eastern culture. But how much in this city belongs to China, East and West?
According to geographical position Shanghai is Chinese, so there are lots of Chinese traditions here. Among others is a tradition to bargain. Trying to bargain you can obtain a discount up till 90%! This can happen in the East only! And also Chinese food, noise and friendliness to foreigners.
But at the same time unlike Chinese city Shanghai is shameless. You will nowhere find such a great amount of various massage salons and Shanghai escort agencies. Whether you are looking for Shanghai escorts girls or not, you will be offered this type of service many times.
As a world business center Shanghai is a great cosmopolitan city. Due to its location in a bay convenient for port, it has become cross point of all sea roots first and then took the leadership in world business.
Visiting Shanghai you can try a European business and restraint here, American ambitions and rationalism, Eastern hospitality and love to bright show. This city cannot belong to one culture; it is an incredible cocktail of people and their cultures.
Even escort Shanghai according to different geographical belonging. You can find here traditional Chinese massage, and also Eastern, Russian massage and even Russian escort Shanghai. The banks also represent the worldwide geography of business. In Shanghai you can have an account in any bank you like: Chinese, American, German or Swiss.
Thus we can say both East and West cannot proclaim Shanghai belongs to them. This city is somewhere in the middle, and that is great! It is sometimes even called modern Babylon, but unlike this legendary city, Shanghai has no ambitions to reach the God. Ambitions of this city are rather simple: satisfy all people living or visiting it! So the destiny of Babylon will never fall onto cosmopolitan Shanghai. It is intended to unite people but not to separate them.








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